Article 28. Right for freedom

III. Everyone legally being on the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic may travel without restrictions, choose the place of residence and travel abroad.

Article 31. Right to live in safety

I. Everyone has the right to live in safety.

II. Except cases envisaged by law it is prohibited to infringe on anybody's life, physical and spiritual health, property, living premises, to commit acts of violence.

Article 35. Right to work

I. Labor is the basis of personal and public prosperity

II. Everyone has the right to choose independently, based on his/her abilities, kind of activity, profession, occupation and place of work.

III. Nobody might be forced to work.

IV. Labor agreements are concluded voluntarily. Nobody may be forced to conclude labor agreement.

V. Based on decisions of the law court there might be cases of forced labor, terms and conditions being specified by legislation; forced labor is permissible due to orders of authorized persons during the term of army service, state of emergency or martial law.

VI. Everyone has the right to work in safe and healthy conditions, to get remuneration for his/her work without any discrimination, not less than minimum wages rate established by the state.

VII. Unemployed persons have the right to receive social allowances from the state.

VIII. The state will do its best to liquidate unemployment.

Article 38. Right for social protection

I. Everyone has the right for social protection.

II. Most vulnerable persons must get support, in the first place, from members of their families.

III. Everyone has the right for social protection on reaching specific age according to legislation, in case of illness, disability, loss of bread-winner in the family, due to unemployment and in other cases envisaged by legislation.

IV. Minimum sum of pensions and social allowances is specified by law.

V. The state creates possibilities for development of charitable activity, voluntary social insurance and other forms of social protection.

Article 41. Right for protection of health

I. Everyone has the right for protection of his/her health and for medical care.

II. The state takes all necessary measures for development of all forms of health services based on various forms of property, guarantees sanitary-epidemiological safety, creates possibilities for various forms of medical insurance.

III. Officials concealing facts and cases dangerous for life and health of people will bear legal responsibility.

Article 43. Right for home

I. Nobody might be deprived of his/her home.

II. The state assists in construction of living premises, takes special measures for realization of right for home.

Article 46. Right to defend the honor and dignity

I. Everyone has the right to defend his/her honor and dignity.

II. Dignity of a person is protected by state. Nothing must lead to humiliation of dignity of human being.

III. Nobody must be subject to tortures and torment, treatment or punishment humiliating the dignity of human beings. Medical, scientific and other experiments must not be carried out on any person without his/her consent.

Article 57. Right to appeal

I. Citizens of the Azerbaijan Republic have the right to appeal personally and also to submit individual and collective written applications to state bodies. Each application should be responded to in an established order and term.

II. Citizens of the Azerbaijan Republic have the right to criticize activity or work of state bodies, their officials, political parties, trade unions, other public organizations and also activity or work of individuals. Prosecution for criticism is prohibited. Insult or libel shall not be regarded as criticism.

Article 60. Guarantee of rights and liberties by law court

I. Legal protection of rights and liberties of every citizen is ensured.

II. Everyone may appeal to law court regarding decisions and activity (or inactivity) of state bodies, political parties, trade unions, other public organizations and officials.

Article 61. Right for legal advice

I. Everyone has the right for obtaining qualified legal advice.

II. IIn specific cases envisaged by legislation legal advice shall be rendered free, at the governmental expense.

III. Every citizen has the right for the lawyer's advice from the moment of detention, arrest or accusation with crime by competent state bodies.

Article 69. Right of foreign citizens and stateless persons

I. Foreign citizens and stateless persons staying in the Azerbaijan Republic may enjoy all rights and must fulfil all obligations like citizens of the Azerbaijan Republic if not specified by legislation or international agreement in which the Azerbaijan Republic is one of the parties.

II. Rights and liberties of foreign citizens and stateless persons permanently living or temporarily staying on the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic may be restricted only according to international legal standards and laws of the Azerbaijan Republic.

Article 70. Right for political refuge

I. In accordance with recognized international legal standards the Azerbaijan Republic grants political refuge to foreign citizens and stateless persons.

II. Extradition of persons persecuted for their political beliefs and also for acts which are not regarded as crime in the Azerbaijan Republic is not permitted.
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