“The solution of the problems of refugees and IDPs is always in the focus of our state” 12.2.2018
“The solution of the problems of refugees and IDPs is always in the focus of our state”
On 10th of January, at the State Committee for Refugees and IDPs there was event held which was dedicated to the tasks arising from the speech of President Ilham Aliyev during conference concerning the results of 4th year of implemented State Program on Socio-Economic Development of the regions of the Azerbaijan Republic in 2014-2018

Officials of the Presidential Administration as well as the Cabinet of Ministers, head of the State Committee for Refugees and IDPs, heads of the occupied district executive bodies, builders, active IDPs and mass media representatives took part in the event.

Deputy Prime Minister, Chairman of the state Committee for Affairs of Refugee and Internally displaced Persons, Ali Hasanov, who spoke at the event, reminded that at the conference on the results of 4th years of “State Program on socio-economic development of regions of the Azerbaijan Republic for 2014-2018 “ which was held on 29 January, presented works that have been done by The Head of the State during 14 years as well as wide-ranging of discussions were held on the upcoming tasks in 2018 . He said that as a result of successful socio-economic reforms along with purposeful policy led by President Ilham Aliyev, the economic potential of our country has grown stronger as well as sustainable development dynamics have been provided. Despite the economic and financial crisis in the world along side the fall in oil prices, 2017 has been a year of stability and development in our country. Our economy has grown 3.2 times over the last 14 years. This was due to the fact that President Ilham Aliyev brought the innovation to our economy. During this period, the Azerbaijani economy has grown diversified. In particular, the industry grew 2.6 times, agriculture - 1.7 times. Our non-oil exports increased for 4.1 times.

"When we talk about agriculture we should pay particular attention to the one point. Please note that, there is an economic crisis going on in the world. Of course, this was not ineffective to the economy of Azerbaijan as well. The head of state took advantage of the experience of the Great Leader during exactly that time. We did not have oil revenues in the 1970s. We had oil, but those revenues went to the union budget. Nevertheless, Azerbaijan's economy was developing. At that time, growth was achieved at the expense of cotton-growing, viniculture, tobacco production, cocoon and other agricultural fields. President Ilham Aliyev also decided to take advantage of that experience. The work done in this direction has its results. As a result of these tasks given by the Head of State, not only the high

indicators have been achieved but the people have already returned to the land. All vacant land is planted and cultivated, "said the Deputy Prime Minister.

The Deputy Prime Minister noted that President Ilham Aliyev paid special attention to the development of entrepreneurship in our country and then he said that specially because entrepreneurs are contributing to the development of Azerbaijan's economy today. A great deal of attention has been paid to the social sphere in our country, and many important projects have been implemented in this direction.

Speaking about the achievements in the oil and gas sector in Azerbaijan, the Deputy Prime Minister said that the basis of these achievements is the oil strategy developed by national leader Heydar Aliyev in 1994. If there was not vision of the oil strategy prepared by the Great Leader and if he didn’t sign the "Contract of the Century", perhaps, it would not have been possible to achieve full success today. President Ilham Aliyev has further developed the oil and gas strategy laid by the Great Leader. Today, Azerbaijan has become an exporting country from the importing country.

Speaking about the importance of putting Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway into operation, the chairman of the committee said that this route, along with joining Europe and Asia, has turned Azerbaijan into a major transit country. As President Ilham Aliyev noted, it is perhaps the most important project in the direction of creation of transport corridors in Eurasia.

Ali Hasanov said : “Azerbaijan has become one of the world's leading countries. Thanks to the well-thought and outlook policy pursued by President Ilham Aliyev. Last year, the Azerbaijani economy was ranked 35th by the Davos World Economic Forum for its competitiveness, and Azerbaijan was ranked third among the developing countries in the index of traditional inclusion of the Forum recently."This is the result of the successful policy pursued by President Ilham Aliyev," said the chairman of the committee.

The Deputy Prime Minister noted that today the only problem of Azerbaijan is the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and as a result more than one million refugees and internally displaced persons. I am confident that the head of state will find a solution to this problem. Rehabilitation of the occupied Jawuq Marjanli village of Jabrayil region was also a message to the world. President Ilham Aliyev has sent a message to the world that all our lands will be liberated from the occupation, and all our land will be upgraded. If the Great Return started from Cocuq Marcanli, its continuation is already in Aghdara.

The First Vice President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mehriban Aliyeva, has always been particularly concerned about the IDPs also, said the chairman of the committee and he noted that appointed First Vice President of the Republic of Azerbaijan held her first meeting in this high post on March 9 last year on relocation of refugee and IDP families temporarily settled in hostels in Baku and Sumgayit and gave very serious instructions. After that, in the frame of “dilapidated buildings, posted internally displaced persons, families with new apartments supply project” new constructions were launched for our compatriots who live in more difficult situations under the Mehriban Alieva’s leadership and initiative. Providing them with new apartments in different areas and successfully maintaining these jobs is another clear evidence of state care for refugees and internally displaced persons, the most vulnerable people in the country. It should be noted that under the leadership of the First Vice President Mehriban Aliyeva, 935 IDP families moved to new apartments from accidental buildings in 2017.

For refugees and internally displaced persons up to date, 97 residential and residential buildings have been built and 265,000 refugees and IDPs have improved their living conditions, Hasanov said that the problem of IDPs residing in other accommodated buildings will be addressed by Mehriban Aliyeva in the near future will be solved. It was noted that, as noted by the head of state and the First Vice President of the country, first of all, four thousand displaced families living in the worst conditions will be transferred to new homes. This process is solved step by step and new buildings are being constructed, at the same time, apartments are being built in existing buildings and internally displaced persons are placed there.

Talking about the 6th congress of the New Azerbaijan Party held on February 8, Ali Hasanov said that at the congress the party nominated Ilham Aliyev for presidency in the presidential elections on April 11. Of course, this is a remarkable event in the political life of our country. "The Head of State always focuses on the problems of refugees and internally displaced persons. President Ilham Aliyev touches upon the issue of refugees and internally displaced persons in their speeches at all events and often meets with them. The transfer of Ogtay Haziyev on behalf of internally displaced persons is a manifestation of the attention paid to IDPs at the VI Congress of the NAP, "said the chairman of the committee.

Head of Fuzuli District Executive Power Aliy Aliyev, head of Aghdam Region Executive Power Ragub Mammadov, head of Khojavand District Executive Power Eyvaz Huseynov, head of Gubadli District Executive Authority Malik Isakov, resident of Cocuq Mehdili village Ogtay Gaziyev, IDP from Kalbajar, Murovdag

farmer head of the farm Nasimi Mehtiyev, IDP from Shusha region, director of Kirs company Karim Mammadov. The speeches were delivered in detail during the past 14 years on the work carried out in the direction of solving the problems of refugees and internally displaced persons in our country.

Executive Director of the Presidential Administration Aghali Ahmedov said that as a result of implementation of the tasks set by the Head of State, there is a special revival in the agricultural sector, as in all directions. President Ilham Aliyev holds consultations on various aspects of agriculture, gives instructions and recommendations. Aghali Ahmedov said: "I would like to note that IDPs joined this call of the head of state and started to produce various agricultural products in the areas where they settled."

The chairman of the committee Ali Hasanov gave the builders recommendations on high speed and quality of work who participated in the construction of new settlements.
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